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26th January - 2nd February 2019
A week of action

Ideas for action:

Have a meeting with your MP; visit your child's school and drop in a copy of transgender trend schools pack; read up on trans inclusion policies; Ask your police force how many people they have interviewed for hate speech relating to trans ideology; FOI your council, police force, schools, university, local NHS or other state bodies and ask what money they have spent on gender neutral policies, trans inclusion policies, ask what considerations have been made for women and girls, what discussions lead to the erosion of women and girls sex based protections; stickering, wearing your t-shirt (from whichever group); organise your own meeting, hand out leaflets, write a letter to your local paper; write to your MP; write to your council; join a women's group; join your WI; talk to your church or other place of worship; and share everything on social media platforms with  #WomenStandUp

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