So you found a code, scanned it and now wondering what this is all about?  

Did you know that women's rights are under threat? 

Did you know that girls no longer have guaranteed single sex spaces at school? 

Did you know that most women's domestic violence shelters and support services include men? 

Did you know that victims of crimes perpetrated by men might have to use "she" pronouns in court when giving evidence? 

Did you know men are allowed to play in women's sports? 

Did you know a male police officer is allowed to intimately search a female suspect? 

Did you know women no longer have the automatic right to see a female member of staff in a hospital, even if one is requested? 

Did you know we have violent men serving time in women's prisons? 

Most MPs are gutless and refuse to stand up for women's rights....   so it's your job.  

If you don't here's what we risk......