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woman - adult human female

Events and Media  

At Standing for Women we foster a community in which all women feel empowered to speak.  We achieve this through our free speech events, they are free to attend. 

The last Sunday of every month you can find us at Speakers' Corner, the Reformer's tree. MAP HERE

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Let Women Speak - tour


13th February 12 pm, Nottingham Speakers Corner map 
27th February 12pm, Reformers Tree, Hyde Park, London map
14th March Washington DC
16th March NYC Click here for details
27th March 12pm, Reformers Tree, Hyde Park, London map
24th April 12pm, Reformers Tree, Hyde Park, London map
15th May Manchester 

19th June Bristol 

24th June Reformer's Tree, Hyde Park

22nd July Partying For Women, London click here for tickets

31st July Reformers Tree - will be filmed for a documentary

18th September - Brighton register for updates and so we can plan for security. 

25th September Reformers' tree, Hyde Park

USA Tour 

20th Cardiff TBC

27th November Reformer's Tree


Brighton - 1-4pm 18th September

This event promises to be. a definiing moment in this fight. Please register by clicking the button below if you wish keep up with the latest event news. 

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