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Hi : I am Grant Maclean , a member of the WEP ,London resident , and am doing what I can to make this world less shit for women : equality is better for everyone.

I am also really alarmed at children being allowed to transition , and the implications for women's safety of gender self-id legislation : women's hard fought for rights are being eroded by a TRA agenda run by men , for the benefit of men .

I am also in recovery , from many years of drink + drug abuse , and while in rehab , a wonderful place called Chy Collom in Truro , discovered the work o Meggie Royer , an American poet who writes for survivors of sexual assault .

Here is Not Al Men , from her collection The No You Never Listened To.

Not All Men

My grandmother cracks eggs the same way the man

who invaded her house locked the bedroom door

and wouldn’t let her leave until he was finished fierce & loud

with purpose , as if whatever came spilling

out of her body would be useful

With eggs there is only yolk . With my grandmother there was life

And I live in fear of dark alleyways and drinks filled with drugs

that lead to blackout and some stranger’s fingers in my mouth

because inside my twenty years of life there was once a bed ,

and another person in it .

and a moment that happened beneath the covers in which my body was changed irreparably -

less a moment really , than a timeline I will never be rid of .

So you say not all men , not all men are werewolves

dressed like sheep who howl at the moon even when the moon

covers its ears and asks them to stop and they won’t , they won’t ,

because stop is not a word they bothered to add

to their vocabulary ; you say not all men , not all men , not all men .

But here we are , my grandmother and I , countless other women

who contain multitudes of bruises and memories

like wounds filled with salt

with skins that are afraid to occupy themselves

after being occupied by so many trespassers .

And all you can do is stand there and say not all men ,

but let this poem spit in your face

that we know , we know , we women are not stupid ,

we know not all men do what so many have already done to us ,

but this is the least helpful thing to say

because the wrong that some men do

makes us scared of all the others .

This is not balm for our stitches ; this is tearing them open .

Say too many men instead .

And there

is some kind of progress .

Meggie Royer

My eyes were truly opened to the scale of abuse and rape by men in our society , hearing the testimonies of peers.

I run a small jewellery company , but the website is down while I complete a book about the recording , and licensing , of the first ever female vocalised full version of

A Whiter Shade of Pale - there will be an accompanying video which celebrates women's firsts , and includes images of Mary Wollstonecraft and Betsy Miller .

We hope to raise awareness and funds for relevant causes with this also , tba .

With the admin's permission , here is the link - all four verses of a song beloved alreasdy by millions in its two verse format - even Annie Lennox (swoon) stopped at two .

'It is justice , not charity , that is wanting in this world' : Mary Wollstonecraft.



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