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I am an elected Councillor for the Conservatives in Scotland, where Women's rights have taken a downturn since the passing of our Hate Crime Bill. I'm pretty sure that if I speak out against 'Men in dresses' I will be 'de-selected'. I receive enough hate mail because I'm Conservative!

I also work for NHS Scotland - double whammy. I work in the litigation department and one of the first claims I dealt with was a man who was suing NHS Lothian because he had sex change surgery without being given 'enough counselling'. He won the case and NHS Lothian paid out over £500,000!

There is a Separatist site called, 'Wings Over Scotland' (and I have NEVER agreed with anything he says) but has raised the issue of teenagers having sex with each other. As he puts its, an adolescent aged 19 can legally have sex with a 10 year old.

Its frightening the way this is all going, and am delighted to join your group.


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