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I am a gender critical married 50 something woman with 2 adopted children (boy 12 & girl 6). My son has sadly been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and Dyspraxia. January this year after years of fighting the system, I managed to get him the support he needs in the form of an independent special school with a relevant EHCP. I am one of the female statistics that has been through child abuse and spousal abuse (not my current husband). In my late 20’s after a messy divorce, I went to university as a mature student and studied computer science. I met my now husband and we have been happily married for nearly 26 years. Due to my son’s needs I realised I would not be able to go out to work so I became a stay at home mum.

With my background and early life, Women’s rights have always been very important to me. In 2012 I set up a website called for women. Back then I realised support for women was fragmented and very hard to find. I decided to create an umbrella sight so women could access links to support organisations, a site that told the truth about woman’s bodies, celebrated women’s achievements, stories and history in the UK as I felt women’s voices were being ignored by society. I still have the site and content on wix setup, unfortunately, as I was so taken up with my son’s needs, I was unable to concentrate on it and the domain name expired.

Historically, I joined the Soroptimists in 2009 but realised that they were completely focused on women’s issues abroad and my focus was women in the UK. I joined the fawcett society but felt the same thing happened. And, finally in my naivety, I became a founding member of the Women’s Equality Party in 2015 (I cancelled my membership this year).

Other stuff ..

I took on the role of SEN and Safeguarding Governor at my son’s primary school in 2016. I left the post this September as my son has moved schools.

In 2017 I set up a Lego Therapy community support project for children with communication difficulties (i.e. Autism etc). I called it the Lego Builders club and I hosted a Facebook page for the club linked to my page. Sadly, when I was banned from Facebook, all the Lego builders club support and data was removed too. I am now in the process of setting up a website for it instead. We can’t meet at the moment though, so I am able to focus a bit on the website (we won’t be meeting again until I don’t have to wash the Lego when they touch it).

I am currently a member of the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland and will be president of my local club next year, something I have found great pleasure in. It truly does help the local community and international projects.

I avidly watch Kellie Jay Keen podcasts, along with other gender critical hosts. I post on twitter about women’s issues and support petitions. Wherever I can, I hopefully provide a backup or voice supporting women in these strange times. I will not be told what a woman is by men and will absolutely fight for women’s rights. Only real biological women will have experienced the type of abuse I went through and I will fight for the right for us not to be silenced, ignored or erased. My new favourite song is Helen Reddit’s song “I Am Woman”.

Sorry about the length .. blame Sor XX, she made me want to. Her bio is fantastic x


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