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How to prepare effectively for exams Take measurements regularly Once a week, take a trial test and write down the results. Put notes next to difficult topics, write comments on them. Stock up on training aids. For example, in the Collection of examination tasks for preparing for exams, typical tasks in all subjects are analyzed in detail. Each one is given a detailed description, an execution algorithm, an example and a simulator with answers. The procedure is prescribed in capacious instructions - it is convenient to learn how to quickly and without errors perform the exercises. Create a system and keep pace Go back to your list of topics. Concentrate on those that can be pumped. Break the lessons into blocks: Repetition of what you know - 25% of the total time Remembering the important, working on mistakes - 50% Mastering the most difficult - 15-20% Form filling training - 5-10% Fill in the gaps and hone your knowledge with The Complete New Guide to Exam Preparation. There is a whole theory on the key subjects for the exam. This is an effective tool for summarizing and systematizing what was learned in middle and high school. Everything is presented in an accessible and concise manner, with examples adapted to the format of the final exam.

Pack knowledge into cheat sheets The final two weeks before the exam are the busiest. You have gained a certain intellectual "form", now you need to squeeze everything you can out of it. Grab a pen and jot down your abstracts on priority topics. Create visual cheat sheets: diagrams, infographics and semantic chains. Do not rely on memory or computer - fix manually.Practice and write them yourself using and you will be able to write quality work. Thus, you will teach your brain to write correctly even without using cheat sheets. Use the series The whole school course in tables and diagrams to prepare for the exam. In a visual and compact form, it contains up-to-date tables and diagrams for repeating what has been covered. This is the best option for preparation at the finish line. And further. Take more time to practice filling out the forms - this question should not distract you at all during testing. At each stage of preparation, keep the balance of study and life. Take care of your physical and mental condition. Do not neglect quality sleep, healthy eating, moderate exercise and walks.


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