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Hello Ladies... I am a an American Woman from Texas, A small business owner, devoted wife, daughter, fur mom and I have always been a champion for all things Girl Power. Up until recently, this was a pretty straight forward path... but then my FB feed started filling up with TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN! The first chapter in a story so horrifying, it would make Freddy Kruger retreat in terror. Not in my worst nightmare could I concieve of the day where a grown ass man can stand before the state department seal of the United States and claim "I am honored to serve as the first female 4 star general..." Not even transgender, not woman- he literaly got to call himself a FEMALE and noone batted an eye. HE got to take the accalade from an actural woman and allowed the government to check that box for diversity. Sick.

This is why I'm here- enough is enough. My husband told me, "you're getting worked up over nothing... this wlll all fizzle out soon." The very next week, I watched my government give a statement acknowledging "Pronoun Day"- and calling for the equal treatment of "ZERS". Consider me part of the resistance. Happy to join you real, actual women.

My bestie is a singer/songwriter who never got her day in the spotlight. Sacraficing her individual dream to raise 3 happy, healthy kids. I know a lot of women like this- they are all so specal. One of her songs is an ode to her daughters and every other little girl out there. I loved it so much, we banned together to make a music video of it. You'll see me in the bright red gown and my besite center stage with her daughter making a cameo. The project was so inspiring - we reached out to several other strong mothers and featured them and their daughters too.

check it out with the link below... its a great girl power anthem. <3

MadQueen Madden
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