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I am Christine Li, German, medical doctor, mother of two (daughter and son), international bestselling author, ("der Weg der Kaiserin" , "the Path of the Empress", "la Emperatriz sinvergüenza") writing on exquisitely and exclusively female subjects (female sexuality, menstruation and menopause) since 2000.

I am very upset about the recent craze for female genital mutilation and the utter lack of respect for women and girls.

This is why my fantasy book "Abalone und das Tigergesicht" (Abalone Tigerface) is aimed at young girls (12+).

The young sorceress Abalone is studying fire magic in ancient China. While Abalone is funny, clever and strongwilled, her magic does not fly.

Then, in her moment of deepest distress, her first menstruation awakens her raw female powers and helps her fight some extremely nasty ancient demons.

The book "Abalone und das Tigergesicht" is available for free on my website .

My German fans have already started to give "Abalone und das Tigergesicht" to their daughters, sisters and granddaughters as a way to show them how magical, unique and powerful girls and women truely are.

Thank you everybody here for raising awareness and staying brave and strong.

No pasarán! And a special bow to amazing Posie. You are a hero!

Lots of love.

Christine Li

PS: If you happen to be a translator and want to contribute.... please do contact me. Let's show our daughters how magical and amazing woman and girls really are.