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Our Statement on schools and those with a duty of care to children.


At Standing For Women we firmly believe that if the general public understood what we are doing to children, in the name of acceptance and progress, they would vehemently oppose it. We feel it is our duty to bring these issues to the fore and to not fear the silencing and bullying tactics of lobby groups and other invested parties. Some of our team have been reported to the police for asking questions about the transitioning of children. We see the medicalisation of children’s distress as concerning and dangerous. We think that schools indoctrinating children into accepting these harms is unforgivable.  

Parliamentarians, NHS trust leaders, teachers and those with a duty of care to children would not be quiet on this issue if they were aware of the long term health impact to children who have no capacity understsand these implications, let alone, to consent.  The whole school impact of one "trans" child means that safeguarding and boundaries are eroded for all, girls are often too embarrassed to use gender neutral toilets, they do not want boys in their private space.  In the fullness of time we wonder whether those directly affected by this will be content with their mutilated bodies, we wonder if they will have deep regrets, we wonder who they will blame, maybe you will ask yourself if you could have stopped it?

This is a global emergency and all that remain silent are complicit in this attack on healthy bodies. Quite frankly, we ask where the questioning voices are and how this has been allowed to fester and grow without much of a challenge, it is quite sinister. We must always be suspicious of those things we are not allowed to speak.

We do not believe humans can change sex, or that one can be born in the wrong body. We ask those who are reading this booklet to do your own research and see if you can find any trusted resource that says what we are doing to children is good for their health; we ask you to look into the tactics of lobby groups and see if you are happy with the way they operate; we ask you to really think about the impact of puberty on a body and if you think stopping it for years is truly reversible; we ask you if you are happy to sterilise these children; to encourage the breast binding and surgeries on vulnerable young women. We ask you to think.

Finally, Standing For Women ask each of you;


What is your silence worth?

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