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Report on NHS and Police Accommodation for the Provision of Female-Only Services

Over 200 volunteers helped us with this report and I wish to thank each and every one of them. It was quite overwhelming to see so many people working toward exposing this systemic dismissal of women rights and bodily autonomy.

What we found: the Police and NHS care more about men, who call themselves women, than women.

The report clearly outlines these findings.

Out of 220 NHS trusts ...

4 NHS trusts (2%) affirmed that they recognise the exception in the Equality Act 2010 where being of a particular sex is an “occupational requirement” and were prepared to offer female-only services to those patients who made that request

Out of 48 police services...

0 police forces restrict who identify as transgender from conducting intimate searches on females


What you need to do next:

Send a copy of this report to your MP, Chief of police, PCC, council head, NHS trust governors, local news outlets. Include a short personal letter with the report, including key findings and why it's important to you that women have their rights to a female member of staff upheld.

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