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At Standing for Women we foster a community in which all women feel empowered to speak.  We achieve this through our free speech events, they are free to attend.

All Speakers' Corner and Let Women Speak events are held in outdoor public places. Places are chosen so that they are as accessible as possible and not far from public transport.

There are no tickets, anyone can turn up and anyone can speak (but we ask that men wait until the end). You can speak about whatever you like, these are free speech events, as long as what you want to say is legal.


We have stewards (all women) who organise the practicalities. Local women's knowledge of the areas is essential, so if you live in/near any of the Let Women Speak events and would like to help with local information, please email

The last Sunday of every month (ish) you can find us at Speakers' Corner, the Reformer's tree. MAP HERE

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2023 Calendar

Some other locations we are planning on visiting but are not featured below (yet) are Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Leeds, Chester, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, and Plymouth.


Newcastle Let Women Speak
Sunday 15th, 12pm - 2pm

The Civic Centre

Speakers' Corner
Sunday 29th, 12pm

London, Hyde Park, Reformers' Tree


Glasgow Let Women Speak

Sunday 5th, 12pm-2pm

George Square

Speakers' Corner

Sunday 26th, 12pm

London, Hyde Park, Reformers' Tree


Australia and New Zealand Let Women Speak Tour

(exact times and locations TBC)

Sydney - Saturday 11th 

Brisbane - Sunday 12th

Perth - Tuesday 14th

Adelaide - Thursday 16th

Melbourne - Saturday 18th

Hobart - Tuesday 21st

Canberra - Thursday 23rd

Auckland - Saturday 25th

Wellington - Sunday 26th or Monday 27th (TBC)


Speakers' Corner

Sunday 2nd, 12pm

London, Hyde Park, Reformers' Tree

Ireland Let Women Speak Tour

(exact locations TBC)

Dublin - Saturday 15th

Belfast - Sunday 16th

Speakers' Corner

Sunday 30th, 12pm

London, Hyde Park, Reformers' Tree


TBA (possibly Canada)

(exact locations and dates TBC,

but include Vancouver, Montreal,

Toronto, Calgary, and Ottawa)

Speakers' Corner
Sunday 28th, 1pm

London, Hyde Park, Reformers' Tree


TBA (possibly Geneva)

Sunday 11th

(exact location TBA)

Summer Party
Saturday 24th

(details to follow)

Hungover Speakers' Corner
Sunday 25
th, 1pm

London, Hyde Park, Reformers' Tree

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CIVIC CENTRE                       


GEORGE SQUARE             

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