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The Campaign
This campaign is to focus specifically on the word woman and other female language that clearly defines women and our rights. The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds for promoting the fight back to this global assault of women.

Throughout the legal framework of women's sex based rights and protections we use the word woman.  It is essential that this word is retained to mean "adult human female" only.  Without this word all of our rights and protections are lost.   

Our rights were never created for our gender but our sex.  Our sex being female, the sex  that bears children, the sex that requires maternity rights; privacy rights; equality with the male sex in the work place; specific health care issues;  reproductive rights and so on. If our rights become dependent upon gender then they are no longer women's rights, they are "feminine" rights.  
Rather than just ask for donations for our campaign, we have a strategy to raise funds and consciousness whilst we do it!  We have a range of merchandise with profits going toward specific actions.  We have sponsorship opportunities for all levels of participation.  

If you don't have the funds please spread our word. 
#adulthumanfemale    #womenstandup   #AHF   

"Extreme actions require extreme language"   Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker

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