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A brief history of how we got here and why this is important.  


Back in 2004 the transexual population was very small and the legal framework within which they lived seemed a bit mean.  It would not allow someone who was born male to be legally female, even people who had gone through an entire range of medical procedures to make them look like the opposite sex were not afforded legal status as the opposite sex.  This meant when Janice, born male, went to work or used a public service they were vulnerable to being exposed as a male.  This was considered unfair.  The GRA2004 with checks and balances sought to help transexuals change their birth certificates and legally recognised sex.  Some call this a privacy law, some call this a law to enable deceit.  

Fast forward to 2018  and the trans population has grown exponentially, there are many reasons for this.  Trans no longer means transexual, it 's hard to say what exactly it does mean but supposedly most of us are "binary" and live according to sex based stereotypes.  Most trans identifying males keep their penises. What is now proposed is that the checks and balances carefully crafted within the 2004 act are no longer needed according to trans activists.   Campaigners for "trans rights" want anyone to have the ability to self identify as whatever sex that want, they also want to reduce the age that people can "change sex".

Leaving this legal monstrosity aside the practical danger that we are witnessing is an erosion of our rights as the biological sex of women. The first real indication of this is an erasure of meaningful language around girl and womanhood, these will have a direct impact on our rights and how we can operate in this world.  Without language to describe us we really have no way to fight for ourselves.  

Examples of the disappearance of female centred language:

Chest feeding not breastfeeding

Pregnant person not expectant mother

Cervical cancer literature for "anyone with a cervix" not women whilst testicular cancer is aimed at men.  

Non men instead of women from the Green Party Women

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