First Do No Harm - the ethics of transgender healthcare

May 2019                      Free download click on the PDF button

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In 2019 the word woman is controversial.

We believe it's a black and white issue. 

The campaign has begun.

We are very proud of the actions we have taken so far, they include lighting up landmarks with the dictionary definition of woman; a billboard; news stories; demonstrating about the harm being done to girls; holding talks; funding the decorating of statues throughout the UK with our t-shirt; funding banners and flags with our iconic black and white definition; speaking directly to power in both the UK and USA; demonstrating in Washington DC against facebook, twitter and HRC and all the things coming up that we cannot share just yet.  What started as a few t-shirts has blossomed into a symbol of fightback against female erasure, we know our attire brings women together and is visual sign of solidarity.  We have created a campaign where each item generates it's own message as well as funding for our actions. 

Be part of something and join us.