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In 2020 the word woman is controversial.

We believe it's a black and white issue. 

The campaign has begun.

We're very proud of the actions we've taken so far... 

  • lighting up landmarks with the dictionary definition of woman

  • a billboard

  • sharing news stories describing the harm done to girls

  • hosting talks

  • decorating statues with our t-shirt across the UK

  • creating banners and flags bearing the definition of woman

  • speaking directly to power in the UK and USA 

  • demonstrating against Facebook, Twitter, and HRC in Washington DC

  • Free Speech in the public square



What started as a few t-shirts has blossomed into a fightback against female erasure.

We know our attire brings women together because it's a visual sign of solidarity.  


[We've created a campaign in which every item generates its own message as well as funding for our actions.] 

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